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Manage Your Account - Update account details

Update account details
  • Update email and contact information

    To update your personal particulars such as name, address, nationality and/or PR status, etc, please download the updating form. Upon completion, mail the original form back to us, together with the supporting documents.  

    We are unable to accept fax or email request.

    Your details will be updated after:

    1. Your signature matches CDP’s record;
    2. The update request form is in proper order;
    3. A certified true copy of supporting documents (by Advocates & Solicitors / Notary Public / Singapore Embassy / Justice of Peace) if update of particulars has been mailed

    The change of such particulars will also be updated in all your approved trading accounts linked to your CDP securities account.

  • Update your investor profile

  • Add or change payment instructions

  • Change details of your account

    Dormant Account Reactivation (Individual/Joint*)

    CDP/OSPL Update Particulars (Individual/Joint)# 

    PDPA Consent

    *Please submit a copy for each account holder (i.e. 1st applicant and joint applicant).

    #If you hold a trading account linked to CDP (i.e. you have a CDP account starting 1681-XXXX-XXXX, please complete the full set of documents. If you hold a trading account linked to a OCBC Securities Pte Ltd (“OSPL”) sub account (i.e. you have an OSPL account starting with 2281-XXXX-XXXX), please complete pages 5 and 6.
  • Changing trading limits

    After you have successfully opened a basic trading account with us, we will assign buy and sell trading limits for the account.

    Credit assessment will be conducted based on the information furnished in your account opening form. The trading limits will then be assigned in accordance with the credit assessment.

    We will also take into account other considerations in determining the trading limits, including recommendations from your Trading Representative and relevant supporting documents e.g., recent CDP, bank account statement, or income tax assessment.

    Contact your Trading Representative directly for clarifications or to review your trading limit.