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iOCBC disclaimers and troubleshoot - Multiple Logins

  • Simultaneous login

    iOCBC does not allow simultaneous logins. The first terminal will be logged out automatically once you login to the second terminal.

    For example, if you are currently logged into iOCBC on your computer, you will be logged out of the session when you login to the second terminal, e.g. an iPhone.

  • Accessing multiple individual and joint trading accounts

    The iOCBC online trading platform is a single login concept for multiple trading accounts for the same client. Therefore, you only require one set of user ID and password to access all the online trading accounts under your name, including your joint account.

    Each account holder will have his or her own user ID and password for logging in to the joint trading account on iOCBC. This arrangement will allow both account holders to access the joint trading account at the same time.

    Please ensure that you have selected the correct trading account on the buy / sell ticket before proceeding with your order submission.