Help And Support


  • Amalgamation

    The amalgamation option allows you to combine your orders based on your average traded price. Instead of incurring a minimum brokerage charge for each order, you can save on your brokerage fee by combining all your trades.


    The following conditions apply when using amalgamation option:

    • You must have indicated “Yes” for amalgamation on all contracts
    • The amalgamated trades must be of the same trading day
    • The amalgamated trades must be of the same stock
    • The amalgamated trades must be of the same settlement currency
    • The amalgamated trades must be of the same action (e.g. buy action amalgamates with another buy action)
    • The amalgamated trades must be the same payment mode

  • Force order

    Under normal circumstances, your order will be rejected by the SGX trading system if the order price is more than 30 bids away from the last done price. “Force order” is a function that enables you to ‘force’ your order through and put your order on the queue.

    Although force order allows you to submit order not within the normal price range, you are baring the risk of keying in undesirable price by mistake. Force key is granted to client at the sole discretion of your Trading Representative. We advise you to exercise caution when you submit order with force key.

    Kindly refer to SGX website for more information on Minimum Bid Sizes.

    Force order is not allowed for foreign markets. Force order should not be used when the trade not likely to be matched.

  • Selling shares bought through other brokerage firms

    For SGX trading, you can sell shares through iOCBC provided that they are held as ‘free balance’ in your CDP Securities Account.  If you are unsure of your shares balances, you may visit CDP personally to request for a copy of your latest Statement of Shareholdings or login to CDP Internet Access. Please call CDP at (65) 6535 7511 or visit for more information.

    For Bursa Malaysia or foreign markets, you will need to ensure that your shares are deposited in OCBC Securities Nominees account. Otherwise, please ensure that transfer of the foreign shares is arranged to facilitate your sales of shares through OCBC Securities.

    To avoid any failed trades, investors are strongly encouraged to buy and sell through the same brokerage company and under the same trading account number. An investor who buys shares through a broker at Company A and immediately sells the shares through another broker at Company B must make advance payment to Company A on Trade date before 8pm via EPS or bill payment so that the shares can be settled in time for delivery on T + 2 market day (before 1.30pm).