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    Corporate Actions are actions by a company which can have a significant impact on the value of that security, as a result, on the value of the shareholder’s portfolio. 

    To find more information on corporation action by companies listed on the various exchanges, refer to the official website of the respective Exchanges

    Corporate actions taken by companies listed on SGX

    Kindly refer to CDP website for more information on the following types of corporate actions:

    • Dividends
    • Rights
    • Takeovers
    • Warrants
    • Coupon / Redemption

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    Note: All corporate action event proceeds for securities held in custody by us will be paid directly to your Multi-currency Trust Account.

    Examples of Types of Corporate Actions

    Types of Corporate Action Description
    Bonus Issue Newshares in a company that are issues free to existing shareholders. Newshares are typically issued to shareholders in proportion to their holdings as at a date specified by the company.

    For example, the company declared 1 bonus share for every 5 shares held.

    If you are holding 1000 shares, your bonus entitlement will be 200 shares.
    Share Split A share split is similar to a bonus issue in that shareholders are issued with new shares at no cost. But its effect on the balance sheet is different from a bonus issue.

    Usually, a share split reduces the par value of each share, but increases the number of shares by the same proportion.

    For example, the Company declares Sub-division of every 1 existing ordinary share into 5 ordinary shares”.

    If you originally held 1000 shares, your new holdings will be increased to 5000 shares.
    Share Consolidation Share consolidation is the opposite of a share split.

    The existing shareholder's shares are replaced with a smaller number of shares with a higher par value.

    For example, the Company declared “Share consolidation of every 10 ordinary shares into 1 consolidated share” If you originally held 1000 shares, your new holdings will be reduced to 100 shares

    Effect on prices whenever there is a corporate action 

    (This is for illustration only;  you should not rely on the information below for your trading decision)

    The trading price will very often be adjusted accordingly to reflect the effect of the share consolidation / split / dividend / bonus / rights issues or others. However, the stock prices may also be affected by a myriad of factors such as the usual market forces of demand and supply, economic and political events (both locally and overseas).