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Bonds & ETFs for beginners

17 October 2022
7.00 pm - 8.00 pm
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  • An introduction to Bonds & Fixed Income
  • What are ETFs?
  • ETF mechanisms and strategies
  • How to read an ETF factsheet

Past webinars

Why Trading Matters (Part 1)

Fundamentals of trading
21 February 2022
• Difference between trading and investing
• A look into today's trading climate
• The Long and Short of trading
• Asset Classes - What are they?
• Digging deeper into Equities - Sector

Why Trading Matters (Part 2)

21 March 2022
• News: The macro and micro
• Fund flows: Trends and market psychology
• Macro environment: Economic and market indicators

Understanding Technical Analysis (Part 1)

18 April 2022
• An introduction to technical analysis
• Evaluation: Does it work?
• Trends and chart patterns: What do they mean?
• The psychology behind resistance and support levels

Understanding Technical Analysis (Part 2)

23 May 2022
• A closer look at tools of technical analysis
• Going beyond the charts: What other tools do traders use?
• Planning your trade and trading your plan

Applying trading tools

20 June 2022
• Planning your trade, trading your plan
• Understanding Risk vs Reward
• Trading Tactics & Money Management
• Bringing in technical factors
• Exploring the tools: iMatrix, StockReports+ and more

Riding on Uncertainties and Market Volatility

18 July 2022
• Some frameworks and methodologies
• How to read Financial News?
• A sneak peek at the Trading Matters series
• News update: The latest on the markets

Investing in foreign markets for beginners

22 August 2022
• Supporting local vs going global
• Understanding the different dynamics of different markets
• Ways to enter the global markets
• Things to consider in the US and HK markets

Futures and Forex for beginners

19 September 2022
• Understanding global currencies
• Ways to start trading FX
• Fundamental understanding on Futures
• Ways to start trading Futures

Bonds & ETFs for beginners

17 October 2022
• An introduction to Bonds & Fixed Income
• What are ETFs?
• ETF mechanisms and strategies
• How to read an ETF factsheet

About the speaker
Ho Chan Keen

Chan Keen is a Markets Analyst with OCBC Securities. Graduated with a Double Degree in Accountancy and Business from Nanyang Business School, he first joined OCBC Group under the Graduate Talent Programme, and now focuses on the equities and financial markets across Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the US. Chan Keen is an established speaker and has conducted more than 50 webinars, trainings and financial podcasts covering both trading education and global macro trends and insights. He has been featured on MoneyFM 89.3, as well as other events in collaboration with institutions such as SGX, Kenanga and Macquarie. Chan Keen is a CFA charterholder.

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