Leveraged FX and Precious Metals

Access multiple currency pairs
with leveraged FX trading and
precious metals

The foreign exchange (forex) market is the global financial market in which currencies
are traded. Forex trading involves a pair of currencies, for example, US Dollar vs.
Japanese Yen (or simply represented as USD / JPY).

When a trader buys the base currency (first currency), in this case, US Dollar (USD), he
is effectively selling the denominating currency (second currency), Japanese Yen (JPY).

Forex trading also includes trading a currency against precious metals.
For example, Gold vs. US dollars (represented as XAU/USD).


24-hour Direct Market Access

Forex trading starts from Monday, 5am* to Saturday, 5am (Singapore time). There is no trading from Saturday, 5am to the following Monday, 5am.

* Refers to standard time and will be brought forward by 1 hour when daylight saving is in effect.

Participate and take control of your Leveraged FX trading in the dynamic global foreign exchange market.

Enter an extremely liquid foreign exchange market

Diversify your portfolio with more than 35 currency pairs globally and precious metals.

Capture opportunities under different market conditions

Forex traders can capture opportunities under different market conditions, be it a bull or a bear market. It can be used as a tool for hedging one’s forex exposure or physical positions.

No physical currency required for trading

In leveraged forex trading, no physical currency is required to change hands. That means you don’t have to own the physical notes in order to trade.


Rapid changes in value of currencies

Due to the many factors affecting the value of the currencies, you should closely monitor the market if you have open positions as prices can change rapidly within a short period of time.

Highly leveraged nature

Leveraged FX trading allows you to enter into positions of values many times more than funds in your account.

As such, the transaction is highly leveraged or geared and a relatively small market movement will have a proportionately larger impact on the funds in your account.

Possibility of losses

You may sustain a total loss or in excess of your funds deposited, and you will be liable for any resulting deficit in your account.

Electronic trading risks

There are risks associated with electronic trading via the internet. Hardware, software and telecommunication failures are often unforeseeable and beyond control, and will result in you not being able to manage your orders during the down time.

While there are benefits to leveraged forex trading, please ensure that you understand the risks of leveraged forex in the table above.

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